Groovy West
The ribbon of beaches in the west unwinds under the mountains of Rivière-Noire. They had furnished the runaway slaves with inaccessible shelters. The Tamariniers and thorny trees in this region offer different attractions.

You can swim with dolphins in the Tamarind bay, known worldwide for its excellent surf. Its mythical wave, Cap Dal or Santosharivals with Saint-Leu in Réunion island and labels the most perfect wave in the Indian Ocean.

Le Morne, a gigantic basalt cube, resting on a strange hammerhead shark shaped beach, with filaos, luxury hotels and paille-en-queue birds, confers a unique touch to this region of Mauritius. The lagoon there hosts kitesurfers, surfers and windsurfers from all around the world. You can enjoy a variety of excursions, a day on a catamaran to Ilot Benitier, or shop in the various luxury shops of Riviere Noire. The more sportive will probably choose accompanied outings through the mountains of this region.

Enjoy a beer while facing the glorious sunset, dreaming that the marvellous moments that you enjoyed should never come to an end.