Port Louis The City Centre
The capital of the island was chosen during the 18th century by the French for its leeward natural port, for its semi-circular range of mountains protecting the sailing vessels from the trade winds blowing from the opposite coast. Of a high historical significance, this port has been a privileged shelter for corsairs and fleets during the past.

Port Louis still boasts of the oldest horse racing course in the southern hemisphere, the Champ de Mars. Towering a hill overlooking Port Louis, stands Fort Adelaide, a typical British heritage. This tropical town is also the economic capital of the island and bustles with activity during daytime: banks, the old market, Chinatown, wholesalers and a modern commercial centre, the Caudan Waterfront. This commercial complex features renowned international trademarks as well as an array of restaurants overlooking the harbor.

Modern glass and steel towers are neighbors to old colonial buildings in Port Louis and the visitor will capture the essence of a cosmopolitan island with thousands of scents and, on departure, be convinced by the feeling of having encountered three continents in one destination: Africa, Asia and Europe.

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